Encuentro Cosy Casa#2

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Those who know us will not be surprised to see a new proposal in our home, a milonga of life.
For this 2d Encuentro "a casa", an original formula, which wants to be warm and of quality:
> 5 Djs: Irina Zoueva, Prinz, Peter Corvo, Greg Demerville & Prasen
> 3 artists for an exceptional private concert: le Trio Agnese-Varassi Pega-WALLEZ.
The trio was born in the tango department of the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) from the meeting of three musicians, each with a long international career.
>mixed tables,
>codigo and role balanced
> 100 people, feel free to invite and share with friends.
Eat & Drink?
> 1 drinks card included for the week-end (Value 10€), tea & coffee for fee
> shared meal taken together:
saturday evening: catering will be organized
Friday evening, saturday lunch and sunday lunch: shared buffet. Each one brings a dish (pies, fresh salads, tapas...easy to prepare, easy to eat) for 6 people. 3 fridges will be at disposal to manage the buffet during the weekend. It is also possible to be helper 3 hours instead of the dish.

> possible to go to the nearest hotel BnB , 50€/night/ double room
****Inscription here 21 march 2023, 21h03 ***
Price: 125€, including drinks and live music 
  • 15h-19h30: Dj Prinz
  • shared dinner, everybody brings something to share
  • 21h-1h: Dj Irina Zoueva
  • 12h30 apéro + private live music
  • *** piano-bando-clarinette***
  • Shared lunch
  • 13h30 - 18h30 dj Peter Corvo
  • dinner , by professionnal atering
  • 20h30 - 01h30: Dj Prasenjit Saha
> Sunday;
  • Shared lunch
  • 13h- 18h: Dj Greg Demerville
Logement négocié à l'hotel BNB, Tourcoing
Chambre 1,2 personnes 59 €
Petit déjeuner 8,50 € pp
Taxe de séjour 0,99 € pp
Merci de bien indiquer "Tango aux frontières " à la demande de réservation

B&B HOTEL Lille Tourcoing Centre

83 Rue de Tournai+33(0)298 337 529

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El jueves


Milonga todos los jueves!
Bijna 20 jaar konden we dansen in Kortrijk op donderdagavond... Greg Demerville, Marie Jeanne Sylvie en Wim Mestdagh Tdj zetten deze mooie traditie verder vanaf donderdag 7 september in Moeskroen. Welkom !
Nous avons dansé à Courtrai le jeudi soir depuis près de 20 ans... Greg Demerville, Marie Jeanne Sylvie et Wim Mestdagh Tdj poursuivront cette belle tradition à partir du jeudi 7 septembre à Mouscron. Soyez les bienvenus !Voici le programme:

7 sept: Marie Jeanne

14 sept: Prinz

21 sept: Wim

28 sept: Marie Jeanne

5 oct: Greg

12 oct: Prinz

19 oct: Wim

26 oct: Marie Jeanne

9 nov: Greg

16 nov: Wim

23 nov: Prinz

30 nov: Wim

7 dec: Greg

14 dec: Marie Jeanne

21 dec: Prinz

28 dec: Greg


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milonga de braderie 2023

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Milonga pétillante pour fêter joyeusement cet anniversaire!

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Il est bon de regarder le chemin parcouru, et se souvenir que les premières tandas furent diffusées en sept 2010, à l'occasion du dimanche de braderie de Lille

Quelques copains privilégiés étaient invités pour visiter les chantier ;-)

Cette année, milonga & BROC' TANGO, dès 16h

Un emplacement est réservé pour y mettre en vente chaussures et vêtements dont vous n'avez plus l'usage. Pensez à mettre une étiquette avec votre nom et le prix sur les articles que vous mettez en vente.

Dj Greg

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Assomption 2023

assomption 2023 siteweb-min.jpg

Milonga régulière des jours fériés

l'Assomption 2023

mardi 15 août 17h-22h: milonga,

Dj José Santos Torres "El Chino"




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Welcome to the next Tango Friends in Mouscron.

“Tango Friends Meeting” ?
What’s that ?
It’s the missing link between Encuentros and Marathons.
3 days of nice tango with friends, and "friends of friends".
Why “Friends” ?
Because every one has some friends abroad, who could not yet find the time to visit this spot in the world where tango & socializing get together.
For Christ sake ?
Because we like to welcome people from abroad, because we want to share our place with them, and eventually get the feeling we’re elsewhere while being at home.
included: 26 h of music, home made tasty food during 3 days, coffee, tea, water, home-made soup during the night,
***friendly spirit, smiles and warm embraces***
price: between 135 € and 145€ (it will depend of increases in next months)
On the dance floor:
An equal balance between leaders-followers will be aimed for.
Even if TFM is not an "encuentro", codigo is natural and required, this is the more friendly way to respect each otherMartin Lionti (Arg), José Santos Torres (Arg), Charlotte (Germ) Don Esteban (Germ) Greg @home

15h00-19h30 Dj Charlotte (De)
21h - 2h: Dj Don Esteban (De)
14h30 - 19h30: Dj José "El chino" (Arg)
21h - 2h: Dj Martin Lionti (Arg)
13h -18h00: Greg (@home)

***Eat? Drinks ? ***
>Friday: 14h30 welcome to first guests
buffet 19h30-21h by Ludo "Tango Cuisine"
>Saturday: Lunch at 12h, Paella regular or vegetarian food 19h30-21h
>Sunday: Mega brunch 11h-13h
>Every day: snacks, fruits, coffee and tea, water, home-made fresh soup during the night.
Every day: Massage
Where to stay? best prices at Bnb hotel, Tourcoing 59€/night/ double room.



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