TFM#14, 23>25 Sept


Our famous star of the dance-floor , our cat "Fifi" - is happy to invite you @ home for the next edition in September.

The concept?

this weekend is organized with friends, for friends and friends of friends. 120 guests only.

26h of argentinetango music,

Home made food during all the week-end

coffee and tea, water at any time for free, and the bests beers and selected wine.

friendly spirit, smiles, and warm embraces night and day.

On the dance floor:

An equal balance between leaders-followers will be aimed for.
Even if TFM is not an "Encuentro", Codigo is natural and required, this is the more friendly way to respect each other.

Eat? Drinks?

> Friday: 14h30 welcome to first guests, buffet 19h30-21h by Ludo "Tango Cuisine"
> Saturday: Lunch at 12h, Barbecue (meat) or vegetarian food 19h30-21h
> Sunday: Mega brunch 11h-13h
> Every day: snacks, fruits, coffee and tea, water, home-made fresh soup during the night.


> Friday:
14h30-19h30 "Don Esteban" Stefan (Germ, Hamburg)
21h - 2h: Véronica Вероника Корчак (Ukraine)
> Saturday:
14h30 - 19h30: Dj Charlotte (Germ, Hamburg)
21h - 2h: Volkan (Turkey, Istanbul)
> Sunday:
13h -18h00: Greg (@home)


> For all this: we ask 135 €

Where to stay? 

NEW deal with B&B hotel TOURCOING CENTRE

Special price with the code tango aux frontières: 45€ / night / double room.

Reservation by phone :+33 or EMail : 

Adress : 83 rue de Tournai 59200 Tourcoing FRANCE

Registrations? HERE

most of our friends use this group on Facebook to share info and prepare their coming


 video youtube


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Graaande Milonga! dernière avant l'été

grande milonga greg site LT.jpg

Dernière milonga avant la plage...
Posez vos slaches et venez siroter un excellent mojito préparé par un pro: Cuba Zen Actitub

Milonga 20h30 - 1h30
Ouverture  des portes à 20h
Music by Greg, a casa
PAF: 8 €



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Milonga ascension 2022

ascension 2022 site web.jpg

Hey hey hey, 

pas encore partis en week-end? nous non plus

Rendez-vous pour la milonga de l'ascension, 17h - 22h, peut être avant en fonction de la météo et des envies .

Dj? Greg, à la maison

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Milonga de pentecôte 2022

pentecote2022 siteweb.jpg

Après ce super séminaire inspiré par Natalia y Agustin, rien de mieux qu'une milonga.

Dj José Santos Torres, influence 100% rio de la plata...l'esprit des maestros du tango flottera sur le parquet

josé flamme.jpg

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Seminaire #4 avec Natalia y Agustin

Natalia & Agustin bientôt aux frontieres 2.JPG

The concept?
1 seminar per day, 3 days, catering by Ludo
accommodation possible at the venue or at the hotel
(price already negotiated for you).
Day 1 - Technic

WS 1 - How the subtle use of vertical axis can boost your expression.
WS 2 - Dissociation and no dissociation… which one when…
WS 3 - Ways to stop moving from the brain and start moving from the body.
Day 2 - Musicality

WS 1 - What makes a musical dancer look more musical.
WS 2 - Creative ways of using the different rhythmic bases.
WS 3 - Smoothing the flow of dance, great for melodic melodies.
Day 3 - Soft embrace and connection

WS 1 - Ways to get softer and when is soft enough.
WS 2 - How to move without losing the softness.
WS 3 - When is important to build muscle tone and why.
More details:
3 days? 300€ /pers or... day by day:
>Saturday: from 11am (115€ / pers)
4 hours of classes, lunch, dinner by Ludo,
(night? possible to join a regular milonga in the neighbourhoud)
>Sunday: from 11am (100€ / pers)
4h classes, lunch, 18:30 Frietkot experience to the corner of the street (small extra €) and practica
>Monday: from 11am(120 € / pers)
4 hours of classes, lunch, dinner, milonga from 5pm to 10 pm

Accommodation on site: 70€ /pers for 2 nights and 2 brunches
or hotel BNB of Tourcoing: 45 €/night of 2 pers with the code "tango aux frontières"
(Reservation by phone :+33 or EMail :
Address : 83 rue de Tournai 59200 Tourcoing FRANCE

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