Tango DJ “T-Derny”

The “Derny” (a motorised bicycle) is used in track cycling to train race cyclists. It boosts their tempo and keeps them going smoothly in a fluid and rhythmic momentum.

This is a good way to illustrate my approach to DJing. I seek to feel the energy level of the dancers intuitively so I can build up the milonga over its duration, remaining attentive to keeping the dancers in the "cycle", moving seamlessly from calmer to more dynamic moments.

I like it when a DJ has his or her own "cuisine": when they combine flavours, spice it up at the right moment and search for balance.

 The uniqueness of each milonga comes also out of each DJ's way of juxtaposing the tandas, playing on similarities or contrasts of style, energy, sound.

I like to stick with the classical system of 4T-4T-4V-4T-4T-3M, playing orchestras mostly from the 30s to the 50s, but with the occasional foray into some more contemporary, very danceable orchestras. 

Each milonga also allows me to play a few more rare, or less played pieces, but with the accent always on the danceable!

French touch for totally in tango

  1. Play
    Orchestre Bernardo Alemany con Jaime Plana

    Pobre francesita

  2. Play
    Orchestre Joss Baselli

    Ardiente amor

  3. Play
    Orchestre José Aguira


  4. Play
    Orchestre Quintin Verdú

    C'était une histoire d'amour

  5. Play

    cortina: comment séduire une femme mariée

wood floor, ronda, kind of music, indoor atmosphere, keep your line and stay in the wheel!

Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés