“Greg is not just a DJ. He is also a host, an organizer, and a community builder.

The music of Greg reflects all his character and story. Dedicated, resolute, very focused on the dancefloor, he adjusts his music to the public step by step.

He uses to say that Djing and cooking for friends are similar : the main ingredients are the same for most of djs, but the way to combine them, choice of spices and your hart make it special: for you, here, now. Enjoy.

djs set 2024

6/01: la magnifika marathon, Saint Pierre de cors

19>21 01: Warm embrace, encuentro Anvers

3/02: art of walk, milonga Anvers

4/02: milonga en lumières, Mons

9>11 02: noche de pasion, encuentro (Germ)

16>18 02: Otra luna marathon (Paris)

26/02 au 1er /03: stage clown et tango

3/3: Milonga Izegem

9/03: maison du peuple, Bruxelles

10/03: tangoteca, Gand

18/03: milonga Kathedral Gand

31/03: TFM @ home

18>21 04 :MIA marathon Arles

10/05: Tango 11 marathon (Germ)

02/08: summerdaze festival Nijmegen (Nl)

11/08 Las Hormigas marathon(Suisse)

15>18/08: crow founding project @home

6>8 09: TFM nouvelle formule

27>29 09: Warm Embrace encuentro

4>6 10: TangoSauce marathon (Germ)

18>20 10: CosyCasa @home

dec: new year party at El corte:



French touch for totally in tango

  1. Play
    Orchestre Bernardo Alemany con Jaime Plana

    Pobre francesita

  2. Play
    Orchestre Joss Baselli

    Ardiente amor

  3. Play
    Orchestre José Aguira


  4. Play
    Orchestre Quintin Verdú

    C'était une histoire d'amour

  5. Play

    cortina: comment séduire une femme mariée

wood floor, ronda, kind of music, indoor atmosphere, keep your line and stay in the wheel!

Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés