Peter Corvo


Peter Corvo

For me, when you DJ, your main purpose is to make sure that people on the dance floor are abandoning
themselves to the music and their dancing partner. Letting go, losing the feeling of time in the moment.
Making musical waves during the milonga, I don’t want people to get overexcited, nor falling asleep.
Giving them a sweet journey within each tanda. That’s what I’m trying to get each salon, starting from a
blank page. I try to give people what they want for a while, I’m not there to force feed them. But once on
the point where we connect, take them somewhere else. This is where the magic can happen.
I grew up in a musical family, my mother as a singer and father recording choirs and orchestras. Music is
in our veins. My brother became a professional alt violist, after my studies as a percussionist I fell in love
with the DJ booth.
Started Dj`ing at party`s when I was 13 years old. In the early 90`s this became a part time job as a pro DJ
in a club, as one of the pioneers of new beat and acid. In 2001 I started DJ`ing tango at La Luna Antwerp.
Played for years at Belgian salons as tango aux frontiers Mouscron, La Tangueria Brussels, La Luna
Antwerp, Barrio de Tango Bruges, Nieuw Kwartier Antwerp etc, and abroad, Quartito Azul Rotterdam,
Amsterdam marathon, La Roca Amersfoort, Flor de Tango, Doble Ocho festival Nijmegen, Halle marathon
(Berlin), Paris, Poland, Copenhagen etc
After a break of 8 years for the birth of our son the blood started creeping where it can’t go.
So I’m back behind the DJ booth, collecting even more music and serving you, the dancer.




Tanda de Miguel Calo

  1. Play
    Miguel Calo canta R.Prince

    milonga portena

  2. Play
    Miguel Calo canta Carlos Dante


  3. Play
    Miguel Calo canta Carlos Dante

    Las campanas

  4. Play
    Miguel Calo canta Carlos Dante

    Caballo de calesita

Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés