Dj Serdar Hizal


Serdar started djing 7 years ago in Turkey. After moving to Brussels, he started playing in European milongas, festivals and marathons more often in different countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France UK, Italy and Portugal. He is a music enthusiast and loves all kinds of music to discover and listen to.

Di Sarli from 1940s Don Juan El Recodo Germaine El amanecer

  1. Play
    Carlos di Sarli

    Don Juan (instr)

  2. Play
    Carlos di Sarli

    El recodo (instr)

  3. Play
    Carlos di Sarli

    Germaine (instr)

  4. Play
    Carlos di Sarli

    El amanecer (instr)

Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés