Encuentro COSY CASA

  • Date: De Friday 25 November 2022 à Sunday 27 November 2022
  • Horaire: De 14:30 à 21:00
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Those who know us will not be surprised to see a new proposal in our home, a milonga of life.
For this 1st Encuentro "a casa", an original formula, which wants to be warm and of quality:
> 5 Djs: Irina Zoueva, Stefan Wimmer, Alexey Sokolovskiy, Peter Corvo, Greg Demerville.
> 4 artists for an exceptional private concert: Sandra Rumolino, El chino Laborde, Rudi Flores, Franco Luciani.
> drinks included (aperitif, wines, beers, softs, coffee, tea)
> shared meal taken together: each one brings a (real) dish for 6 people, 3 fridges will be at disposal to manage the buffet during the weekend. It is also possible to be helper 2 hours instead of the dish.
>mixed tables,
>codigo and role balanced
> 90 people, feel free to invite and share with friends.
> possible to go to the nearest hotel BnB , 50€/night/ double room
****Inscription here*** FULLY BOOKED
Price: 125€, including drinks and live music 
  • 15h-19h30: Dj Peter Corvo welcomilonga,
  • shared dinner, everybody brings something to share, we will provide all drinks 
  • 21h-1h: Dj Stefan Wimmer
  • 12h30 apéro + private live music
  • *** Sandra Rumolino, El Chino Laborde, Rudi Flores, Franco Luciani***
  • Shared lunch
  • 13h30 - 18h30 dj Irina Zoueva
  • Break
  • 20h30 - 01h30: Dj Alexey Sokolovskiy
> Sunday;
  • Shared lunch
  • 13h- 18h: Dj Greg Demerville
Logement négocié à l'hotel BNB, Tourcoing
Chambre 1,2 personnes 50 €
Petit déjeuner 8,50 € pp
Taxe de séjour 0,99 € pp
Merci de bien indiquer "Tango aux frontières " à la demande de réservation

B&B HOTEL Lille Tourcoing Centre

83 Rue de Tournai+33(0)298 337 529
Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés