séminaires Milonga et Valse, avec Natalia & Agustin

  • Date: De Saturday 11 November 2023 à Sunday 12 November 2023
  • Horaire: De 10:00 à 18:00

Last time we presented a deep approach to tango composition and how to make interpretations of each element that makes a tango (melodies, bridges, countermelodies, and rhythmic bases).

This time, we will have this same deep exploration on Vals and Milonga, what is there, which are the layers, how they interact, ways to dance them, and translate these music into movements.

It will be the first time ever N&A will bring this approach to Vals and Milonga. Registration here


Musical Seminar of Milonga

WS: Types of rhythmic bases in Milonga and the famous habanera. 

WS: Principal Melody Line.

WS: Bridges and second melodies.


Musical Seminar of Vals:

WS: Types of rhythmic bases in Vals and the main difference with Viennese Vals. 
WS: Principal Melody Line
WS: Bridges and second melodies.

Price: We are trying to keep it as low budget as possible, so the price will be € 170 for the full weekend together
by day: 90€/pers
For more convenience, it's possible to sleep on the venue, 35 € /pers/night

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