Charlotte "la Mariposa"

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la tanda de Charlotte

  1. Play
    Domingo FEDERICO (1944)

    Y... así nació este tango

  2. Play
    Domingo FEDERICO (1951)

    Cualquier cosa

  3. Play
    Domingo FEDERICO (1945)

    Para que te quiero tanto

  4. Play
    Domingo FEDERICO (1952)

    Leyenda gaucha

Dj charlotte 'la mariposa'.

She was dubbed 'la mariposa' a few years ago by her friends in Brussels due to her colorful personality.

She plays her selection of tango music the way she would enjoy dancing it herself. Her aim is to make the dancers on the floor happy and flying trough the evening with rhythm and passion.Playing music is improvising and interacting with the public.

Let's see what you put in to the equation...

Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés