Milongaaaa fiesta avec Claudio

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Une soirée par mois: MILONGAAAA.
Les jours féries sont décidément bien trop nombreux, aussi...lorsqu'il n'y a pas de jours fériés annoncés, nous ouvrons les portes une fois par mois à un Dj international pour une soirée festive

Ce VENDREDI 14 Octobre: Guest Claudio COPPOLA (Paris/Italie)
PAF: 8 €
et...Mojito partie:-)

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Encuentro COSY CASA

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Those who know us will not be surprised to see a new proposal in our home, a milonga of life.
For this 1st Encuentro "a casa", an original formula, which wants to be warm and of quality:
> 5 Djs: Irina Zoueva, Stefan Wimmer, Alexey Sokolovskiy, Peter Corvo, Greg Demerville.
> 4 artists for an exceptional private concert: Sandra Rumolino, El chino Laborde, Rudi Flores, Franco Luciani.
> drinks included (aperitif, wines, beers, softs, coffee, tea)
> shared meal taken together: each one brings a (real) dish for 6 people, 3 fridges will be at disposal to manage the buffet during the weekend. It is also possible to be helper 2 hours instead of the dish.
>mixed tables,
>codigo and role balanced
> 90 people, feel free to invite and share with friends.
> possible to go to the nearest hotel BnB , 50€/night/ double room
****Inscription here*** FULLY BOOKED
Price: 125€, including drinks and live music 
  • 15h-19h30: Dj Peter Corvo welcomilonga,
  • shared dinner, everybody brings something to share, we will provide all drinks 
  • 21h-1h: Dj Stefan Wimmer
  • 12h30 apéro + private live music
  • *** Sandra Rumolino, El Chino Laborde, Rudi Flores, Franco Luciani***
  • Shared lunch
  • 13h30 - 18h30 dj Irina Zoueva
  • Break
  • 20h30 - 01h30: Dj Alexey Sokolovskiy
> Sunday;
  • Shared lunch
  • 13h- 18h: Dj Greg Demerville

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TFM#14, 23>25 Sept


COMPLET, no more possibilities 

Our famous star of the dance-floor , our cat "Fifi" - is happy to invite you @ home for the next edition in September.

The concept?

this weekend is organized with friends, for friends and friends of friends. 120 guests only.

26h of argentinetango music,

Home made food during all the week-end

coffee and tea, water at any time for free, and the bests beers and selected wine.

friendly spirit, smiles, and warm embraces night and day.

On the dance floor:

An equal balance between leaders-followers will be aimed for.
Even if TFM is not an "Encuentro", Codigo is natural and required, this is the more friendly way to respect each other.

Eat? Drinks?

> Friday: 14h30 welcome to first guests, buffet 19h30-21h by Ludo "Tango Cuisine"
> Saturday: Lunch at 12h, Barbecue (meat) or vegetarian food 19h30-21h
> Sunday: Mega brunch 11h-13h
> Every day: snacks, fruits, coffee and tea, water, home-made fresh soup during the night.


> Friday:
14h30-19h30 "Don Esteban" Stefan (Germ, Hamburg)
21h - 2h: Véronica Вероника Корчак (Ukraine)
> Saturday:
14h30 - 19h30: Dj Charlotte (Germ, Hamburg)
21h - 2h: Volkan (Turkey, Istanbul)
> Sunday:
13h -18h00: Greg (@home)


> For all this: we ask 135 €

Where to stay? 

NEW deal with B&B hotel TOURCOING CENTRE

Special price with the code tango aux frontières: 45€ / night / double room.

Reservation by phone :+33 or EMail : 

Adress : 83 rue de Tournai 59200 Tourcoing FRANCE

Registrations? COMPLET

most of our friends use this group on Facebook to share info and prepare their coming


 video youtube


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Milonga de braderie 2022

milonga braderie siteweb.jpg

le premier dimanche de septembre: la Milonga de braderie!
Pensez à amener vos fringues, chaussures, accessoires que vous souhaitez vendre (ou donner)
Dj Guest: Greg!

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Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés