1er Mai: Milonga & Asado Kollectivo


asado Kollectivo de 12h30 à 17h:00

everybody brings his own food for the BBQ, his good spirit and friendliness

! limited availability,

thanks to send an email before your coming at

MILONGA: 17h - 22h, DJ' BEN 

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Pâques: Workshop " circulation-musicalité" & milonga


de 15h30 à 17h: atelier thématique "circulation & musicalité" , second volet, sur inscription préalable, pas d'impératif de s'inscrire en couple. Prix: 5€

de 17h à 22h Milonga de Pâques Dj' Peter CORVO 6€

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Carnavashoes Milonga


Carnavashoes Milonga: customise your tango shoes, milonga from 20h30 à 1h00.

but before the milonga:

thematic workshop, "invitation-connection-circulation". Exploration and development situation of practices that can make the ball so comfortable, or not.

Level: open to all, from 2 years tango dancing to more experienced.

Inscriptions by email with the contact page. The easiest is to register/couple, but not required if you are ready to practise the 2 roles: leader & follower. The main content of the workshop is not based on "technical" is also the "opportunity to try another role.

For workshop participants: we propose to make the meal on site so "auberge espagnole", each brings a little savory dish, or sweet. Drinks are served at the bar.

entrance: Workshop 4 € pp; Milonga  6 € pp

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Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés