Milonga de l'Armistice

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Guests:  OLIVER & MARISA (LA TANGUERIA, Bruxelles)

  • WORKSHOP 2 heures de cours,  14h30 à 16h30

2 hours from,  2h30 pm to 4h30 pm

Based on a sequence of tango abrazo closed and adapted to the milonga, students will have an active role in the educational process that aims to stimulate their creativity.

price for 2 hours: 25 € /p , 30€ included the entrance to the milonga

workshop only on registration, submission on line HERE

Last year, Oliver &Marisa gave a workshop about "Milonga" which had a lot of success. They come bak this year with a unique theme designed to develop the creativity of the dancers. 
Oliver Koch and Marisa van Andel have their own school and regular milonga in Brussels since 2006. This pair of professional dancers is regularly invited to workshops and demos in europe, and also collaborates International Festival of Brussels and Brussels Tango Marathon. They are recognized for their quality of education and method of work clear and progressive. They plan, in addition to weekly classes, monthly thematic workshops that enable more advanced re-work the fondamataux and creativity.

  • MILONGA de 17H à 22H avec DJ OLIVER

    no registration required to come to the Milonga


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El dia de Los Muertos

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Milonga de la Toussaint


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Milonga 15 Août


Milonga Du 15 Août, à partir de 20H30: Dj Marie-Jeanne (Be)

pour les voyageurs qui veulent décourvrir ou profiter de la région pendant ce long Week End: possibilité de loger sur place du 15 au 17 août (5 chambres sur réservation). Tel depuis fr 0033 6 68 35 81 00 ou be 0032 56 55 46 65.

et profiter de ce week end pour visiter Lille et danser à la vieille bourse dimanche 17 Août (organisation: sous les marronniers




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milonga 5eme dimanche


1ère Milonga de l'été Aux Frontières de  17h à 22h, 


Invitée pour la première fois "Aux Frontières" : DJ'ette Mala!

GRAND Soleil prévu: parfait pour apprécier la terrasse et la climatisation

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women technic avec Jelena Ivanovic


Jelena Ivanovic

is a professional Ballet- and contemporary dancer and has been teaching Tango for nine years. Together with her ex partner she owned her own Tango school in Switzerland and organised a festival and many Tango holiday trips to the Swiss alps. For the last two years she has been travelling and teaching her workshops at different festivals throughout Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, Malta, Finland, Italy).

In her classes Jelena always focuses on a good and healthy body attitude, a stable balance and a dynamic way of dancing. As a specialist for Tango women’s technique, her workshops are filled with a lot of technical ideas about a stable standing and turning on one leg. She also teaches her students an elegant way of walking, a healthy way of dancing in high heels and an active way of dancing in the role as a follower.

Jelena's workshops are completed by some exercises for a strong and healthy back, which will make rotation and a free leg for forward and backward boleos way easier.

As a side dish students will learn some simple massage exercises for pain free feet after dancing in high heel shoes and get some information what to keep in mind when buying new tango shoes. 

Inscriptions by contact-page or by mail at

Lunch is so "potluck" and a shower on site is possible for those involved in the milonga.


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Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés