Seminaire #4 avec Natalia y Agustin

  • Date: De Saturday 4 June 2022 à Monday 6 June 2022
  • Horaire: De 11:00 à 22:00
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The concept?
1 seminar per day, 3 days, catering by Ludo
accommodation possible at the venue or at the hotel
(price already negotiated for you).
Day 1 - Technic

WS 1 - How the subtle use of vertical axis can boost your expression.
WS 2 - Dissociation and no dissociation… which one when…
WS 3 - Ways to stop moving from the brain and start moving from the body.
Day 2 - Musicality

WS 1 - What makes a musical dancer look more musical.
WS 2 - Creative ways of using the different rhythmic bases.
WS 3 - Smoothing the flow of dance, great for melodic melodies.
Day 3 - Soft embrace and connection

WS 1 - Ways to get softer and when is soft enough.
WS 2 - How to move without losing the softness.
WS 3 - When is important to build muscle tone and why.
More details:
3 days? 300€ /pers or... day by day:
>Saturday: from 11am (115€ / pers)
4 hours of classes, lunch, dinner by Ludo,
(night? possible to join a regular milonga in the neighbourhoud)
>Sunday: from 11am (100€ / pers)
4h classes, lunch, 18:30 Frietkot experience to the corner of the street (small extra €) and practica
>Monday: from 11am(120 € / pers)
4 hours of classes, lunch, dinner, milonga from 5pm to 10 pm

Accommodation on site: 70€ /pers for 2 nights and 2 brunches
or hotel BNB of Tourcoing: 45 €/night of 2 pers with the code "tango aux frontières"
(Reservation by phone :+33 or EMail :
Address : 83 rue de Tournai 59200 Tourcoing FRANCE

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