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Can you imagine how much we were hoping to see you all in September: hugging, chatting, laughing, and dancing together.

But unfortunately, as things are evolving in Belgium and other places in the world, there are still too many question marks for all of us to make new engagements with hotels, airplane companies, suppliers, volunteers etc.
That is why, after postponing the last Easter edition , we now decided to cancel the September edition too.
Meanwhile, we wish you a healthy, interesting, and safe time and hope to see you again in Easter 2021, 2>4th April.

The LINK  to register will be published in January

More infos about the concept?

this weekend is organized with friends, for friends and friends of friends. 120 guests only.

24 h of argentine tango music, self-service buffet on Friday, hot meal on Saturday, brunch on Sunday, coffee and tea, water, home-made fresh soup during the night, friendly spirit, smiles, and warm embraces night and day.

On the dance floor:

An equal balance between leaders-followers will be aimed for.
Even if TFM is not an "Encuentro", Codigo is natural and required, this is the more friendly way to respect each other.

Eat? Drinks? 
buffet on Friday, 18h30-20h30
Barbecue on Saturday (meat) or vegetarian food 18h30-21h
brunch on Sunday 11h-13h
every day: snacks, fruits, coffee and tea, water, home-made fresh soup during the night.


  • special price for tangueros at the Altia Hotel (the nearest hotel only 3kms from the venue): double/ Twin room: only 59€ / night! , 74€ Chambre supérieure, 10€ breakfast/pers
  • transfer by car from the milonga to the hotel, or to the gite, or station, or metro in Tourcoing: 10€/ transfer, (night or day, 1 to 4 people= same price) (Phone number of the company will be posted) 

Registrations about the next one? the link will be available in January

all information will be online one month before

most of our friends use this group on Facebook to share info and prepare their coming

curious about our place? here's a vidéo

Schedule (to confirm)

15h welcome to first guests, keys for the bedrooms or the gite

Dj 16h-21h: Ieva Drevina (Riga)

Dj 21h - 2h: Igoris Igoris Saburov (Vilnius)

13h: ****NEW ****acoustic concert at the venue
15h - 19h30:

time for a BBQ or vegetarian food
21h - 2h: 


11h: Brunch
13h -18h00: Greg (@home)

Every day: Kyrah will propose Massage

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Tango en vivo: concert et practica


***Live music et pratique***

Concert & pratique
Duo Gerardo Agnese (bandoneon) et Camilo Cordoba (guitare)
+ 3 h de musique 100 % tanguable, sans cortina
***pratique militante=PRIX LIBRE***
merci de confirmer votre présence sur ce lien
-Il est possible de venir uniquement au concert sans danser? oui
-Combien de danseurs maxi? 25 couples/binomes max.


***Concert & praktijk***

Duo Gerardo Agnese (bandoneon) & Camilo Cordoba (guitare)
De volgende activiteit is een oefenavond aanstaande zaterdag om 20.30 uur onder het thema:
“Des fourmis sur le parquet # 3”
We zorgen voor 3 uur 100% dansbare muziek, zonder cortinas
Kom met je danspartner en bevestig jullie aanwezigheid op deze link

Het is mogelijk om alleen naar het concert te komen zonder te dansen.
Tijdens de oefenavond worden maximaal 25 danskoppels toegelaten.

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8 mai: open air mini-longa

open air 2021.jpg

Reprise en douceur l'après-midi de 16h à 19h.
Evénement limité à 25 personnes, du coup nous avons dû dédoubler sur 2 jours
Rdv au Friet-Kot du coin après la mini-longa à ciel ouvert.


doodle 8 et 9 mai.jpg


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Milonga de l'Ascension

ascension A5.jpg

Le monde est classé en 2 catégories: ceux qui se trainent, et ceux qui prennent l'ascenseur.

Vous: vous prendrez bien encore un peu de hauteur

Milonga de 17 à 22 h, au moins

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Lundi de pentecôte

pentecote 20121.jpg

Encore encore:

la milonga des jours fériés reprend enfin son rythme de croisière

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Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés