Milonga Oliver & Greg

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*** 17h-22h : MILONGAAAA ***

DJs pour la première fois en tandem :Oliver et Greg


et avant, de 14h30 à 16h30

*** 2h Atelier intensif avec Marisa & Oliver ***

Utiliser les contrapositions et l'élasticité dans plusieurs éléments

(lápiz, giro, boléos)

inscriptions au stage ici et là


  • 25€ stage seul

  • 8€ milonga,

  • prix réduit 30 € stage et milonga

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En mars: la pratique continue :-)

Rien de mieux qu'une petite soirée entre copains pour partager et pratiquer

5€ softs inclus

musique 100 % tango , organisée en tandas , et sans cortina

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Seminar with Natalia y Agustin

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SPECIAL WEEKEND with AGUSTIN & NATALIA, for the first time in Belgium

Ready for a different challenge?

It is common to learn movements, causes, and consequences regarding motion… and then, we just reproduce those movements on the beat… it took us years until someone said, you know you can lead/follow a musical element... with all its qualities... and only then, your dance will have the feeling as if the music is coming from you guys! Try it out…

This challenge has changed the way we dance forever.


On these five workshops together, we will take you on the search and exploration we have done to bring this challenge to our dance and will feel the change right away. 

Workshop 1: Balancing freedom and control. The constant search of every dancer.
Workshop 2: Duration of sounds and movements, underlying the beat.
Workshop 3: Muscular tone, where is the limit and how we can use it.
Workshop 4: Why “completely horizontal”, is not enough. Vertical curves.
Workshop 5: Dancing an instrument, leaving the predictable.


How does it work?
Well, basically it is a much smaller group, so we can reach each couple on a deeper level. This way, we can share side by side, the things we had to work on during our journey and how to embody things the fastest. Not based on sequences or steps but rather qualities of leading/following, connection, and organicity.
Our aim in this smaller group is to share the tools that we use that let us express “who we are” and how we experience the music in a collective way so that you can also express who you are and how you live the music together with your partner.



Frid. 21/02
18h Welcoming
19h-20h semi-private lesson
20H30-1H00 practica
Sat. 22/02 
10h-11h semi-private lesson 
11h15-12h30 WS n°1 Balancing freedom and control. The constant search of every dancer.
13h - 14h Lunch
14h30-15h45 WS n°2 Duration of sounds and movements, underlying the beat
16h-17h15 WS n°3 Muscular tone, where is the limit and how we can use it
18h30 - 20h Dinner
20h30-2h00 ALTER-MILONGA, Dj PHIL (Toulouse)
Sund. 23/02
10-11h breakfast
11h - 12h semi-private lesson
12h15 - 14h Lunch
14h15-15h30 WS n°4 Why “completely horizontal”, is not enough. Vertical curves
15h45-17h WS n°5 Dancing an instrument, leaving the predictable
17h ...happy end and cakes

programme du week end - les heures.psd

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Milonga new-challenge

Neo milonga.jpg

à l'occasion du séminaire organisé avec Natalia et Agustin, nous proposons une milonga spéciale avec un Dj réputé et innovant : Phil (Toulouse- Nueva Guardia)

programmation 100% tango 100%moderne 100% dansable

Pour les gourmets/gourmands : vous pouvez rejoindre les participants du séminaire pour partager le repas avant la milonga. L'inscription est nécessaire pour le repas, mais la milonga reste accessible sans inscriptions préalable

 18h30 - 20h Dinner (registrations pour le repas uniquement) 

20h30-2h00  MILONGA speciale seminar New Challenge, programmation PHIL (Toulouse)

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Welcome to the next Tango Friends in Mouscron! We use to organize it twice a year

the next one will on Easter weekend (April) Here is  the LINK  to register

included: 24 h of music, self-service buffet on Friday, hot meal on Saturday, brunch on Sunday, coffee and tea, water, home-made fresh soup during the night, friendly spirit, smiles, and warm embraces night and day


  • special price for tangueros at the Altia Hotel (the nearest hotel only 3kms from the venue): double/ Twin room: only 59€ / night! , 74€ Chambre supérieure, 10€ breakfast/pers
  • transfer by car from the milonga to the hotel, or to the gite, or station, or metro in Tourcoing: 10€/ transfer, (night or day, 1 to 4 people= same price) (Phone number of the company will be posted) 

On the dance floor:

An equal balance between leaders-followers will be aimed for.
Even if TFM is not an "Encuentro", Codigo is natural and required, this is the more friendly way to respect each other.

Eat? Drinks? 
buffet on Friday, 18h30-20h30
Barbecue on Saturday (meat) or vegetarian food 18h30-21h
brunch on Sunday 11h-13h
every day: snacks, fruits, coffee and tea, water, home-made fresh soup during the night 

Registrations about the next one? link available 12/12, 20h19

all informations will be online one month before

most of our friends use this group on Facebook to share info and prepare their coming

curious about our place? here's a vidéo

15h welcome to first guests, keys for the bedrooms or the gite

Dj 16h-21h: Ieva Drevina (Riga)

Dj 21h - 2h: Igoris Igoris Saburov (Vilnius)

13h: ****NEW ****acoustic concert at the venue
15h - 19h30: Siobhan Richards (Nl/Scotland)

time for a BBQ or vegetarian food
21h - 2h: Ben Willems (Be)


11h: Brunch
13h -18h00: Greg (@home)

Every day: Kyrah will propose Massage

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