• Date: De Friday 15 September 2017 à Sunday 17 September 2017
  • Horaire: De 20:30 à 18:00

“Tango Friends Meeting” ?

What’s that ?
It’s the missing link between Encuentros and Marathons.
3 days of nice tango with friends, and "friends of friends".

Why “Friends” ?
Because every one has some friends abroad, who could not yet find the time to visit this spot in the world where tango & socializing get together.

For Christ sake ?
Because we like to welcome people from abroad, because we want to share our place with them, and eventually get the feeling we’re elsewhere while being at home.

to register:links avaible 18 may 2017,  18h05

most of our friends use this event facebook  to share infos and prepare their coming


included home made food, fresh fruits, snacks, coffee and tea, water, home-made fresh soup during the night.
3 days Pass : 60 €, saturday dinner included
1 day: 20€, 10 couples maximum

Your registration will be confirmed as soon as possible by email.

On the dance floor:

An equal balance between leaders-followers will be aimed for.

Even if TFM is not an "encuentro", codigo is natural and required, this is the more friendly way to respect each other.

Nights and Dj's:

Friday milonga 20h30 - 2h: Dj Ben (Be)

14h00  Discover the brewery Lefort, in Courtrai, 125 years old

milonga part 1/ 16h - 21h: Stefan Wimmer (Nl)

part 2/ 21h - 02h: John Yingren Tan (Manchester)

Sunday: milonga 13h -18h00: Dj Greg (Fr)

Where to stay?

  1. Gite de groupe "domaine de la grande vellerie".3 kms . Already booked, Contact us to to know availability
  2. some other links to help you:


Tango Friends Meeting, the best way to bring your friends tangueros to this wonderful region

Tango aux frontières, la milonga des jours fériés
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